Theater, concerts and that certain something

The Goethe Hall in the Baumanns Cave is unique. It is named “Germany’s most beautiful underground natural stage” for a reason.

In the middle of the beautifully illuminated formations of stalactites and stalagmites theater performances, that are specially written for this unique setting, are played. Unforgettable theater experiences are shown by the “Freie Theater Harz”, the “Kulturrederei Halle” and the “Theater der Tiefe” below ground in the largest cavity of the Baumanns Cave, the Goethe Hall.

You can enjoy the fascinating cave acoustics during a concertin the Baumanns Cave in a very special way.  We regularly invite artists to come to us to bring out voices and instruments in a unique atmosphere.

Radio and television also like to use the “special kind of space” as a backdrop for special film recordings.

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