The secret of Atlantis

“We come from the sea and know it less than the universe. Yes, the sea, it – still – is an unknown universe!” (F. Schätzing)

And what about Atlantis? Is it really a city drowned in the sea? Is it actually a lost continent? Or did Atlantis even exist? What secrets does the sea hold and why are so many ships disappearing lately? Without a trace! Are whales really to blame? The mysterious giant octopus or another sea monster? Is it an animal at all? And who is this mysterious Captain Nemo, of whom so much has been heard? Or asked further: “Where is he, this so-called NEMO, where?”

In any case, one thing is sure: it is, it will be and ADVENTURE for EVERYONE. A great adventure in, on and under the seas! Or an adventure play on earth and underground.

A THEATER ADVENTURE in the Baumanns Cave of Rübeland.

Dates and online tickets

> 20,000 leagues under the sea

There are currently no new dates. 

Tips and recommendations for your visit to the theater

The theater play is only available in German language!

Only cash payments are accepted at the box office on site.

Free choice of seats for the performance

In the Baumanns Cave there is a constant temperature of 8-9 ° C. Please bring warm clothing and/or seat cushions with you to the performance.

The Goethe Hall of the Baumanns Cave can be reached via several steps and is not barrier-free.

Taking photos and filming in the cave is not permitted. Thank you for your understanding.

Vouchers are available via request by mail: mail[at]

Ticket reservation by phone?

The “Freie Theater Harz” is operator of “20,000 leagues under the sea”. Contact – phone: 03947 688780.

Admission regulations

Admission is only possible under the following conditions:

contact tracing, obligation to wear masks

Please note that the admission regulations can change at short notice depending on the requirements of the legislature.

Our special cave experience for you.

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