Gregorianik meets Pop

From the Middle Ages to today

Eight men in dark robes enter the Goethe Hall in the Baumanns Cave. Breathtaking silence in the room. The singers and the choir are immerged in mystical purple light, the faces can only be guessed.

Then the hoods fall: the faces of the artists can now be seen from the previously shadowy silhouettes. Their voices begin with powerful a cappella singing.

The singers create a mystical atmosphere that takes the audience on a journey through time and the world of sacred music of the Middle Ages – a world of sound without temporal, religious or linguistic limits! With orthodox church music and sacred songs and madrigals, the fascinating journey goes through the centuries to the here and now.

After this entertaining trip it goes on unexpectedly buzzy: with classics of pop music: Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, “Knockin’ on heaven’s door” by Bob Dylan, “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel, “Pie Jesu” by Andrew Lloyd Webber or “Amazing Grace” newly arranged in the style of Gregorian singing float across the room. Pop music for eternity.

A firework of pure joy and dynamism without any instrumental accompaniment: a capella at its best.

Dates and online tickets

> The Gregorian Voices

Date Time Book online
25.08.2021 6 pm buy online tickets

> 24.00 € in the pre-sale        > 27.00 € at the box office

Tips and recommendations for your concert

Admission is 15 minutes before the start of the concert.

Free choice of seats for the concert

In the Baumanns Cave there is a constant temperature of 8-9 ° C. Please bring warm clothing and/or seat cushions with you to the performance.

The Goethe Hall of the Baumanns Cave can be reached via several steps and is not barrier-free.

Taking photos and filming in the cave is not permitted. Thank you for your understanding.

Our special cave experience for you.

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