A captivating adventure for young and old

Anton is ten years old and an enthusiastic fan of horror stories. Actually, it can’t be scary enough for him.

But one evening during vacation it happens: his parents have just gone to the nearby village to dance and Anton is sunk in a very scary vampire story when suddenly a real vampire appears next to his tent!

Luckily, after the first shock, the little vampire turns out to be a friendly representative of his kind. His name is Rüdiger von Schlotterstein.

The two quickly become friends and Rüdiger shows Anton not only the family tomb but also his own coffin. When Anna, the little vampire’s younger sister comes to visit, the two unlike friends quickly become three.

While Anton desperately tries to convince his parents of the existence of the vampires, Rüdiger and Anna fight with the vampire hunter Geiermeier, who wants to wipe out all vampires!

How the story ends and whether everything will turn out fine in the end is what young and old vampires will find out on their own when fluttering to the Baumanns Cave in Rübeland…

Dates and online tickets

> The Little Vampire

There are currently no new dates. 

Tips and recommendations for your visit to the theater

The theater play is only available in German language!

Age recommendation: from 6 years.

Only cash payments are accepted at the box office on site.

Free choice of seats for the performance

In the Baumanns Cave there is a constant temperature of 8-9 ° C. Please bring warm clothing and/or seat cushions with you to the performance.

The Goethe Hall of the Baumanns Cave can be reached via several steps and is not barrier-free.

Taking photos and filming in the cave is not permitted. Thank you for your understanding.

Ticket reservation by phone?

The “Theater der Tiefe” is operator of “The Little Vampire”. Contact – Telephone: 039454 213840.

Our special cave experience for you.

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