With a historic steam train ride to the cave theater

Embark on an exclusive adventure trip in which the “Mountain Queen” – our historic steam locomotive 95027 – puffing up one of the most impressive slopes of Germany will bring you at full steam into the heart of the Harz Mountains.

Your adventure trip through the beautiful and worth seeing Harz landscape starts at 1:50 p.m. at Blankenburg main station. After arriving at Rübeland train station at around 2:30 p.m., the path leads you into fascinating dripstone scenery of the Baumanns Cave, past stalagmites and stalactites that are thousands of years old.

On Germany’s most beautiful underground natural stage in the Goethe Hall, a one-hour play from the current theater program awaits you. At the end of the performance the “Mountain Queen” will bring you back to Blankenburg at around 4:15 p.m.

Dates and online tickets

> with the Rübelandbahn to the cave theater

Date theater play book online


Journey to the Center of the Earth

online tickets available soon

Dates and online tickets

> with the Rübelandbahn to the cave theater

There are currently no new dates. 

Notes on the combined event

No seat occupancy on the train

Free choice of seats for the performance

In the Baumanns Cave there is a constant temperature of 8-9 ° C. Please bring warm clothing and/or seat cushions with you to the performance.

The Goethe Hall of the Baumanns Cave can be reached via several steps and is not barrier-free.

Taking photos and filming in the cave is not permitted. Thank you for your understanding.

Purchase tickets directly?

Tickets for the combined event “Mit Volldampf ins Herz der Höhle” are also available from the tourist information offices of the Stadt Oberharz am Brocken and from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rübelandbahn in Blankenburg, Bahnhofstraße 4, email s.nickell[at] / phone 03944 9541190.

Our special cave experience for you.

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