Here you will find the most important facts about the new discount campaign.

Discount for public transport

General facts

  • €1.50 discount per guest upon proof of a valid/current public transport ticket
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts (group/family discount, tourist tax discount, combination ticket, etc.)
  • Only applicable when purchasing tickets on site
  • Valid from January 16, 2024


Frequently asked questions

„As a family, can I use this discount if we can provide proof of valid tickets?“

  • Basically the discount is granted, but this applies to the individual tickets and not to the already discounted family ticket.
    Example: Family – 2 adults & 2 children; instead of €29.50 for the family ticket

    then €26.00 (2 x €9.50 + 2 x €6.50 minus 4 x €1.50 discount)

„Can we as a group also use this discount? Eventually, we also travel by bus.“

  • Basically, we can of course understand this objection. However, we ask for your understanding that, for sustainable reasons, we want to use this offer specifically to reach guests who would otherwise have used the car. This is usually only the case for smaller groups of people.

„Can I also present the "Deutschlandticket" as proof?“

  • We are very pleased that you are already taking a step in the right direction with the Deutschlandticket. Of course, we would also like to reward this if you provide proof of your valid Deutschlandticket.

“I have a tourist tax booklet and can therefore use the bus network free of charge. Why isn’t this also rewarded?”

  • We can of course understand this objection. However, we ask for your understanding that with this offer we want to create new incentives to leave the car at home for sustainable reasons. This therefore appeals more to guests who would otherwise not receive any further discounts.

“Why can’t I enter the discount online?”

  • We ask for your understanding that redemption is not possible when purchasing tickets online, as no proof can be presented during the purchase process. Unfortunately, subsequent on-site check is not possible due to internal processes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to grant a subsequent discount.

“Why can’t I use a discount on the Himmel & Höhle combination ticket?”

  • The combination ticket is a discounted offer that we developed together with our cooperation partner Harzdrenalin so that you can enjoy two extraordinary excursion destinations at a reduced price. Unfortunately, an additional discount cannot be taken into account.
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