An adventure trip...

… for groups of children from 10 to 20 persons

Lessons in a different way: on an adventurous journey of discovery, children between the ages of 8 and 10 go deep into the „belly of the earth“.

Equipped with a flashlight, a helmet and worksheets, worth knowing facts about the cave creatures, preservation of nature and cave research will be given in the heart of our dripstone caves.

The budding speleologists orient themselves in the dark like bats or olms and embark on an exciting and adventurous journey of discovery with all their senses.

Times and prices

Booking period: Monday and Friday at 9am (term of application 4 weeks)

Duration: approximately 70 minutes


  • basis rate 70.00 € (for 10 children)
  • 7.00 € for each further child
  • 10.00 € per adult

This special tour offer is addressed to primary school classes and after-school care groups (children aged 8-10 years / group size: 10-20 children).

You should bring this with you for the adventure tour:

  • (bike) helmet
  • flashlight
  • warm clothing (temperature in the cave: 8-9 °C)
  • solid shoes

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