The dripstone caves of Rübeland

Unique and adventurous

>Baumanns Cave and Hermanns Cave open <

Important to know:

> Guided tours are currently being offered in the Baumanns Cave and Hermanns Cave.
In the Hermanns Cave there is also the possibility at selected times to visit it individually without a guided tour.
You can find more information about opening times and visiting options HERE.

>Guided tours are offered every 20 minutes – the maximum number of participants is 40.

>Tickets for a guided tour can be booked in advance both at the box office and HERE online in advance
In order to avoid waiting times, we recommend booking online tickets, especially during the holiday periods.


The Baumanns and the Hermanns Cave are among the oldest and best-known natural show caves in Germany.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating and adventurous underground world with its colorful and imaginative stalactites and stalagmites.
Various cave dwellers such as the bat and the rare olm also have their home here and, with a bit of luck, can be observed on site.

Latest news

"The Gregorian Voices" as guests in the cave town of Rübeland

Tickets for the concert event in the Goethe Hall of the Dripstone Caves of Rübeland on August 27, 2022 are available now.

Adventure theater in the Goethe Hall > July/August 2022

In summer, three classics are played on the underground natural stage in the Goethe Hall of the Baumanns Cave.

Flashlight tours > August 2022

With the popular children's flashlight tours, little cave explorers can embark on a very special journey of discovery.

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