Here you will find the most frequently asked questions of our guests and the appropriate answers.

On the spot

1. How can I pay on site?

You can pay with coins, bills or EC cards at the parking machines and the cave ticket offices. Theater tickets can only be purchased with cash. 50 cent coins are required for the public toilets.


2. Why it is not allowed to take photos in the caves?

There are basically several reasons for the prohibition of photography in our caves:

  • Prevention of disturbing factors for the animals living in the natural area of the cave.
  • Avoidance of disturbing the attention of our visitors (in some cases low ceiling heights, narrow corridors, steep stairs and the resulting risk of injury if distracted).
  • Avoidance of crowds or individual groups of visitors for the purpose of the current regulations due to the infection protection.

We thank you for your understanding and for observing our guidelines.


3. Why are dogs or other animals not allowed in the cave?

The Baumanns and Hermanns Cave are natural caves. Therefore they are also a natural habitat for native animals. Territorial behavior, such as is normal for dogs, is not allowed / desired in the caves.


4. Why do I not need a helmet but still take care of my head?

The Baumanns Cave has been a show cave since 1649. Caves are created by natural processes in contrast to a mine. In addition, several safety measures have been taken in the cave, which is why it is impossible in the area of the guide path that stones or rubble might fall on the head. Therefore, we do not have to wear a helmet. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enter the cave carefully anyway.


5. How big are the tour groups?

6. What can you do on site to bridge waiting times if necessary?

The gastronomic facilities in Rübeland offer lingering areas if open. The local park is also available to you for your stay. Please note the minimum distance to other visitors here. In addition, there are 2 stamping points and looking points in Rübeland („Hoher Kleef“ and „Schornsteinberg“), which can be reached via short hiking trails. As a reward, you have a unique view of Rübeland. You can find the circular route around the cave village of Rübeland on the website of our tourism region.


7. Are there gastronomic offers on site?

In Rübeland there are a few small restaurants and snack bars. Since these are operated by private actors, there are only limited offers, especially outside of the holiday periods. In the reception hall of the caves there are vending machines for hot and cold drinks. There is also an ice cream freezer in the foyer of the Hermanns Cave. Please note that, based on the current situation, the offer can only be limited or even not available.


8. Who do the caves belong to?

Both caves are in the municipal property of the city of Oberharz am Brocken and are operated by the municipal company „Tourismusbetrieb der Stadt Oberharz am Brocken, Rübeländer Tropfsteinhöhlen“.


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