Here you will find the most frequently asked questions of our guests and the appropriate answers.


1. How far are the Baumanns and the Hermanns Cave apart?

The caves are almost on the same main road and are about 300 meters apart. There are 4 large parking spots close by. You can find them here.



2. Which address do I have to enter in the navigation system?

Please enter the addresses of the official parking spots.


3. Where are parking spot?

We recommend the following parking spots for visiting the Baumanns Cave:

  • parking spot on the street „Mühlental“ in 38889 Rübeland, entrance in front of Mühlental 11
  • parking spot at Blankenburger Straße 35 in 38889 Rübeland.

We recommed the following parking spots for visiting the Hermanns Cave:

  • parking spot at Burgstraße 17 in 38889 Rübeland, on the river side, opposite there is a private parking spot (slope side)
  • parking spot between Blankenburger Straße 11 and 12 in 38889 Rübeland (at the outdoor pool).

You can find an overview of the parking spots here.



4. How far are the parking spots from the dripstone caves?

All parking spots are no more than 500 meters from the caves.


5. Are the parking spots chargeable?

All parking spots in Rübeland are chargeable.

To visit the dripstone caves, we recommend that you buy the cave park ticket for 2.50 €. This ticket allows parking for about 3 hours. All of our machines can be used to pay with coins, bills or debit cards.


6. Can I also travel by train and bus?

You are also welcome to travel by train and bus.

The nearest train station is in Wernigerode. You can easily plan your journey by train HERE  using the Deutsche Bahn travel information.

From Wernigerode, you can reach the cave village of Rübeland with the regional bus service (bus stop "Rübeland Tropfsteinhöhlen"). Information about the respective bus connections is available HERE  from the INSA timetable information

Did you know that you can also travel by bus free of charge with your holiday ticket?
You can find more information about the HATIX, the free local transport in the Harz Mountains, HERE.

All the answers to your questions

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