Here you will find the most frequently asked questions of our guests and the appropriate answers.

Opening hours / prices / in general

1. When are you open?

Due to the corona pandemic we have significant restrictions on opening times. Please note our current opening times. You can find the current opening times here.


2. How often do you offer a tour? / When do the tours start?

There are currently no guided tours offered. If open, it is possible to visit our caves without a guide. To comply with the hygiene and distance regulations there are certain admission times or fixed times at which tickets can preferably be purchased in advance by booking an appointment. You can find the current opening times here.



3. What does the entry cost?

Admission without a guided tour costs 6,00 € for children from 4 to 14 years and 9,00 € for people aged 15 and over. You can find a price overview here.



4. Can you visit the caves without a guide?

If open, our caves can currently only be visited without a tour guide. Therefore, the current hygiene and distance regulations can be compied with.


5. From what age can children enter the cave?

Basically, children of all ages can go into the cave.

Small children can be carried with a front carrier. A back carrier is not recommended due to the height of the room! Since these are natural caves, you have to pay attention to the cave guide’s instructions and watch out for your child. We recommend a cave tour for children from 4 years of age.


6. Can you enter the cave with a stroller?

No. About 300 steps and narrow corridors make this impossible.


7. How long does a visit in the dripstone cave take?

A normal cave tour without a guide takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Depending on how fast you go through the cave and read the information boards, the tour can be longer or shorter. Visiting times may vary generally for guided tours or special tours.


8. Are the caves accessible with a wheelchair?

No. About 300 steps and narrow corridors make this impossible.


9. Why is it not allowed to take photos in the caves?

There are basically several reasons for the prohibition of photography in our caves:

  • Prevention of disturbing factors for the animals living in the natural area of the cave.
  • Avoidance of disturbing the attention of our visitors (in some cases low ceiling heights, narrow corridors, steep stairs and the resulting risk of injury if distracted).
  • Avoidance of crowds or individual groups of visitors for the purpose of the current regulations due to the infection protection.

We thank you for your understanding and for observing our guidelines.


10. Which cave is the better one?

Both caves are individual as natural caves and have their very own features. The Hermanns Cave is characterized by the unique crystal chamber and numerous corridors. It therefore looks very natural and is also home to the only olms in Germany.

As the oldest show cave in Germany, the trademark of the Baumanns Cave is the special wealth of unique and different stalactite formations and structures, the unique history of discovery and the undergound Goethe Hall.

You can find more information about the caves here.


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